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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amazon online test question paper 2011

We had an online test which had 22 questions including 2 coding and 20 MCQs.
Here are a few questions I remember.:

1)write code to find sum of two numbers stored as linked list.(LSB at last node) and head of each list is given.

2)write code to print elements  on the path from root to leaf node having the maximum sum.

3)what is the complexity of retrieving min element from a max heap.

4)which is the fastet method to sort an almost sorted array:
quick sort,bubble sort,merge sort,shell sort
5)zombie process

6)hash table

7)reverse linked list
and a few questions on tress and dynamic prog and aptitude testing.

Thanks to Nikita Khunteta


  1. thanks a lot for this information...
    hey what was the total time given? and how was d apti ?

  2. Try to ans all coding questions correctly. If u can ans those and some apti questions , u ll be selected for interview. DOnt waste much time in apti type questions. See my blog posts of amazon,(I think 3-4 posts are there.. ) Slove all those posts and also do some coding too.

    See my earlier blog post for amazon, you ll find the time durations too..

    If your program 2 programs are executing, It ll be very good. Else, dont worry, if your logic is right, they ll see that too..

    If you are appearing in these companies test and interview, please send me their papers and
    your interview exp[erioence. It ll be post in the blog and helpful to all freshers.

  3. Hey .. do you have the whole paper..? please share it if possible

  4. Hi Sameer,

    I did the Amazon online test this morning. I have uploaded it into my blog

    The test itself is in English, while my blog is written in Italian, but no bother just go at the bottom of the article called "Test di selezione Amazon" and you can download it.

    the post is deleted i cant get it kindly update the whole paper if you have
    Thank you

  6. I did search for the italian article and found it here:

    You can download the test (.doc) which is composed of 20 MCQs and according to the blog, the test should last 30 minutes. Can anyone confirm the time?
    I have been invited to an online test that I will do soon.

    Cheers and thanks all for sharing

  7. anybody have given the online test in 2012 Aug?...if yes then please send the paper on


  8. I had a 3 hr online test for SDE.
    It had 5 questions. All questions were to be compiled and run based upon several test cases.
    Those test cases were hidden, we can only know that it passed the test or not.
    1. Find lowest common ancestor of any two nodes in a binary search tree. (8 test cases)
    2. Delete all characters present in string ‘S2’ from string ‘S1’. (8 test cases)
    3. Copy a subset of string from one index to another. Eg:
    Input will be in form of (string, source, dest, n). [we have to copy n chars starting from source and paste it in dest, if string ends then no need to proceed further]
    If input is (abcdefgh, 0, 4, 3), output will be abcdabch

    4. Display repeated chars in a string in lexicographic order.
    5. Merge two sorted linked list without creating any new node.

    1. What was the compiler? I mean was it a online compiler?

  9. Guys,

    I have attended the test on last sunday, didn't here any thing from them later .. how to know about result of these test ?

  10. Do You have ? After you did it?