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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oracle Interview Excperience 2014: Sawmya

 Thanks for sharing the experience with me. :)

I had 3 interviews. There were eliminations after every round of interview
1st interview - She asked me to introduce myself and why i chose computer science as my branch. I told her its because I had computers as a subject since school days. I used to have basics of C and java and I used to love it. Then she drew a binary tree on a white page and asked me to write code to find out the number of leaf nodes. I couldn't do that properly, she was very sweet. She helped me throughout, gave me hints and stuff. Then she asked me what my favorite subject was. I told its java. She gave me 2 numbers in 2 strings, like say, s1=123, s2=5678. I wrote the code and she told the logic was good. Then she asked me puzzles (1. given 5lit and 3 lit capacity cans, I have to measure 4 litres. 2. Given 2 candles each of which lights for 1 hr each, I have to measure 45 mins using those 2 candles completely). Then she asked me easy questions like OOPS features, overloading and overriding(which is static and which is dynamic), semaphores etc., basic stuff. Then she asked me if I am comfortable with databases. I said- frankly speaking- No, but am perfect with the basics of databases. I was asked why am not comfortable with it, I told its because I did not work much with databases during my project. Then she asked me few SQL queries on joins.  Then projects, I think that was it. This round went on for about 1hr 35mins.
I thought I will get rejected right after this round because of the binary tree coding, but I realized one need not answer all the questions perfectly. This round was to test your coding skills and logical abilities. Also go through linked list questions(reversing and stuff, refer sameer's linked list set of questions, I will attach it, they will help a lot), coin puzzles and sudoku solving pseudo code. These questions were also asked in few panels.

2nd interview - I was asked to introduce myself in a technical way, my hobbies, my likes and dislikes ( take full opportunity of this question and speak confidently, turn the interview to your side). I was asked about my projects( including logic how you implemented it). If your project involves any databases, be perfect with it. He asked a question - class A creates class B object, B creates C's object and C creates A's object. What will compliler do in this situation, warning or error. Then questions on overloading, overriding, #include and import difference, macros and variable difference, virtual functions, run time polymorphism, IP address...etc. Many questions but all are just basics.
This round basically was to test your understanding of basics, about yourself and how confident you are. This round went on for about 1hr. No preparation helps for this round, its just presence of mind and good knowledge of basics that is required.

3rd interview - I was asked if I have any experience in java, I told yes, I did a project. He asked me questions on my project. He asked if I know any other programming languages other than java, I told C and C++. I was asked the difference between malloc() and calloc() functions, memset() function. He asked me to write code for bubble sort( I wrote for binary search absent minded, and then asked him again what he asked me to write, wrote for bubble sort again). He asked me why he should hire me, few linked list questions, job offers I got. That was it. This round went on for 30mins.